7 Easy Ways on How to Clean TV Screens

Do you want to binge-watch your favorite Gab TV or Netflix show? If your dirty screen shows a low-quality TV, these nights would not be something to look forward to. It protects your TV screen from dust, dirt, and fingerprints. But if you’re unaware of how to clean tv screens, that might be a problem.

No matter what TV you own, we at Urban Care are here to help you properly clean it so you can watch shows with your family for years. Let us guide you through the safest and most effective domestic cleaning methods for TV screens.

Remember:TV Screen Cleaning

  • Regardless of your television type, a microfiber cloth for cleaning and removing smudges is essential.
  • Alcohol and ammonia are harmful chemicals. A window cleaner can contain these and cause damage to your TV. Avoid using cleaners that contain abrasives that can scratch your screen.
  • Unplug and turn off your TV. By doing this, your TV will have a chance to cool down. While cleaning, you will also see more dirt and smudges.
  • Read the manual first. You can find instructions on cleaning your television in its manual on the manufacturer’s website.

How to Clean TV Screens #1: The differences between TV sets

Some people still own older tube televisions. As their screens are glass, you can easily clean them like other household glass items. In this case, you can only use a window cleaner, but we recommend moistening a cloth with rubbing alcohol and water 50/50.

On the other hand, LCD TVs are much more sensitive, and you must clean them carefully to prevent damage to the screens. Even the plasma TVs, which have an anti-glare coating, need to be cleaned like LCD TVs. Here are detailed instructions on how to clean LCD TV screens.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Pre-moistened wipe

How to Clean TV ScreensTV Cleaning

  1. Wipe the TV with a soft, dry microfiber cloth.
  2. Remove smudges with a pre-moistened wipe designed for electronics.
  3. As the cloth gathers dust, turn it often.
  4. Use distilled water to remove hard-to-remove stains. Avoid applying cleaning solutions directly to the screen. Moisture can enter the seal of the screen and damage the TV.
  5. According to Panasonic, smears can be treated by adding 1 part neutral detergent to 100 parts water.
  6. Either wipe horizontally or vertically in one direction first. To thoroughly cover the entire screen, wipe it in the opposite direction a second time.
  7. TV vents have dust, so make sure to clean them.

How to clean your TV speakers and remote

Is the muffled sound coming from your speakers? They may need to be part of your domestic cleaning routine too.

The fabric covers of your speakers may be removable. To remove dust, lint, and pet hair that often sticks to them, vacuum both sides with an upholstery tool.

Using a lint roller or a vacuum will remove lint from the front if they’re not removable.

It’s a good idea to clean your remote control regularly since it has more germs and could spread them among family members.

  1. Remove the batteries.
  2. Make sure that any stuck crumbs or debris are removed by tapping the remote.
  3. With disinfecting wipes, wipe the remote off.

Bottom line: Keeping your TV clean is important

  • It’s worth it to know how to clean tv screens. It would help to clean your TV weekly to prevent film, dust, and fingerprints from collecting.
  • Don’t spray anything directly on your television screen to prevent damage.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, especially during your domestic cleaning.
  • Keep clear of products that contain alcohol, ammonia, or acetone when cleaning your TV. Wouldn’t it be great if we could avoid unnecessary expenses?

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