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Here’s How Often You Should Clean Your House

If you are one of those homeowners who want to forgo cleaning the house for as long as possible. It’s time we change your mindset. While it can be hard to cover all the tasks at once, you have to routinely clean your home by either doing the chores yourself or hiring professional Auckland cleaning services.

Since we all need extra motivation to start cleaning, we ask our professionals at Urban Care how often we should clean and why. Here is what they can say.

House Cleaning

Daily and Weekly Cleaning Tasks

To keep everything clean and organized, there are certain cleaning tasks that you should perform daily. That includes sweeping the floor in your kitchen and wiping down the countertop. Sanitize the sink and put back everything in its proper places.

As for your weekly tasks, change the beddings and clean the interior of the microwave once a week. Clean the bathtub at least once a week to prevent harbouring bacteria that can cause skin infection.

Do you work from home, or are you often using your computer at home? If you like to eat in front of your computer you need to clean it at least once a week. The computer keyboard is a common breeding ground for bacteria. It harbours five times more bacteria than your toilet seat. Don’t be a part of the 10% who do not clean their computer. Add this task to your weekly schedule.

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Our homes can make us feel safe. However, hidden dangers can make us sick if we don’t clean them regularly. Follow our experts’ advice on the frequency of house cleaning. If you need help keeping up with the schedule, hire any of the Auckland cleaning services companies listed here at Urban Care.

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