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Is Professional Cleaning Required at the End of Tenancy?

Well, hello! What brings you here? Is it because you are at the end of your tenancy and wondering if you will avail of professional cleaning services? Are you finding the answer to your question regarding professional cleaning being required because you’re moving out of your once-home? Perhaps you’ve keyed in “end of tenancy cleaning Wellington” in your browser and been led here. Well, no need to do more digging as you’re in the right place at the right time with this post.

As the end of your tenancy nears, it is important to backtrack and read your lease contract. Find out if any provisions stipulate that hiring a professional cleaner is mandatory.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Is Professional Cleaning Required?

Under the Residential Tenancies Act of 1986, amended in 2019, the availment of end-of-tenancy cleaning services is not mandatory. This translates to your landlord not being eligible to legally charge you or deduct the fees from your deposit for professional cleaning services. It also means that any clauses under your tenancy agreement should not enforce this as this is considered unenforceable under the Act.

You must know your rights during these instances, as landlords may abuse their power and charge you fees or cause deposit disputes when you’re not even liable in the first place. A simple example that may not be found in your agreement but may be demanded from you by your property manager is to get professional cleaning services for your carpets before moving out.

However, the tenant’s responsibilities only require a tenant to leave the premises in a “reasonably clean” and tidy condition. Nowhere in the Act does it say that carpets must be left in a professionally cleaned state? If you are unsure whether what is being asked of you is legal, you may contact the Tenancy Tribunal of New Zealand for clarification.

With the useful information above, it is safe to say that all contracts do not require professional house cleaning. However, many still use professional cleaning services for their end-of-tenancy cleaning of Wellington residences.

This is because cleaning is never an easy job. It becomes even more daunting when the type of cleaning necessary is a deep cleaning that requires going through the nooks and crannies of your place. Experts are especially skilled in cleaning the trickiest spots, heavily soiled areas, stubborn stains in carpets, windows, and doors, dilapidated appliances such as ovens, tarnished floorings, etc.

Should the tenant not avail of professional cleaning services and just do DIY cleaning, there is a possibility that what is described as “reasonably clean” to the tenant may not meet the definition known to the property manager. These differences are best to be avoided as moving out of one’s residence is already daunting and stressful. Why go through more trouble with your landlord and possibly burn bridges?

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Key Takeaway

As it is not mandated by law to hire professional cleaning services during the end of tenancy, admittedly, many just opt to go through their own cleaning processes. This is true because many of the professional cleaning services out there are heavy on the pockets.

This discourages a lot of tenants from availing of such services, especially since they may have just paid a significant deposit for their next home.

However, that burden and hassle are not in our vocabulary in Urban Care. Book an expert easily with our hassle-free platform, whether it is via our app or website. You can be assured that our five-star guarantee services won’t break the bank. Did we mention that our staff are also all fully insured and have undergone training on various parameters? Book with us now, and we’ll assure you of a hassle-free move.

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