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How to Speed Clean Your House in Less Than An Hour

Which situation do you need speed cleaning?

Finally, you dared to own or rent a place on your own, living the adult life worry-free and enjoying the freedom you so wanted to get for the longest time. You enjoy the world outside without worrying that your parents will not allow you or scold you for being out too long. Working in the morning and enjoying the nightlife after, we tend to forget the chores we left at home.

House Cleaning

Come morning, you wake up with your parents telling you they are going to your place. Here’s the fastest way to do domestic cleaning before your parents drag you back to their home for not being responsible.

Speed Cleaning in less than an hour

Feeling the pressure as your parents are getting near your turf, you have no idea where or how to start speed cleaning. Always start from the outside to the inside of your room since the outside is the first place they will see.

Scan the room

Before you start speed cleaning, look for stuff that does not belong there. Like the lotion, make-up, shoes, or bags, you forget to return to their rightful places when rushing to the office or to catch up with your friends. Remove them before arranging the room.

Place your dishes in the washer.

Before starting any chore for speed cleaning, make sure you head to your sink and place all of your dishes in the washer; you can leave it there for a few minutes for it to be washed while doing a different chore at the same time.

Clean your laundry

Place your dirty laundry in the washer to remove the smell from your laundry basket. Always keep your laundry basket inside your washroom or the area where your washing machine is. The smell of your detergent and fabric conditioner will neutralize the stinky smell from your sweaty clothes. This will prevent your house from having unpleasant odors.

Throw out your garbage.

Pick up stuff from the ground and throw them out in your garbage bin. Take out the trash after gathering all the spoiled food and rubbish in your home. After throwing out the trash, you will find your house more pleasant.

Sweep the floor

Swiftly sweep your floor after arranging stuff in your room. When looking at the floor, you will think it is clean but try sweeping it; you will be surprised by the dirt you will find there.

House Cleaning

Wrapping Up!

House cleaning can be a difficult job, especially when you live alone. It is better to clean it gradually so you will not have to do it all simultaneously. Letting these chores pile up will be too much for a single person.

It would take you more than a day to accomplish. It would be better for you to use your stuff in places where you can easily return them; that way, you can keep your home clean without exerting too much effort in cleaning.

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