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The Best Way to Clean Walls When Moving Out

Every tenant agreement has a clause that requires move-out cleaning when vacating the rental property. Not doing so will complicate the move-out process and you may not get your full bond money. Most often you will get slapped with a pricey deduction from the security deposit.

If you want to get your bond deposit without a surcharge, you should keep the rental clean at the end of the lease. One of the biggest tasks in bond cleaning is getting scuffs and stains out of your walls. It may look easy but it may require a bit of work.

move-out cleaning

Here are some effective tips and methods to clean the walls during move-out cleaning.

Wash the Walls While Moving Out

The most basic way to clean the walls is to wash them. It will make it look new and remove the light stains. The process is simple. Grab a microfiber head mop, dip it in a bucket of warm water and soapy solution then wipe the walls from left to right and up and down the wall.
If there are darker stains on the walls, make a stronger solution by adding a cup of white vinegar to your warm soapy water. Use this solution to wipe the walls. You don’t have to rinse the walls after as the vinegar will not leave any residue.

Cleaning an Unpainted Wall

Even unpainted walls require bond cleaning. The good news is, It is easier to clean unpainted concrete walls. Begin by removing all the hanging items from the walls and bring the furniture to the middle. Dust the walls and the baseboards. Wrap a towel around a broom and wipe down the wall from top to bottom. Scrub the walls using a lint-free washcloth and finally, rinse the wall with a damp cloth.

Cleaning a Painted Wall

Start cleaning the painted wall by removing the cobwebs and dust. Wipe out any residue and begin to remove the stains using a cloth and soapy water. Rinse the wall with clean water. Keep the water clean to avoid wiping the dirt back to the walls.

Removing Stains from Wallpapered Walls

Cleaning a wallpapered wall is not easy. The best way to keep them from getting dirty is to vacuum them regularly. Use the soft brush attachment of the vacuum to prevent the walls from getting damaged. You can also use a microfiber cloth to wipe down non-textured wallpaper.

Although professional cleaners do not recommend it, you can wash the wall with water and soap solution. Check a corner of the wallpaper if it is washable and if the color is fading. If it is, don’t wash it.

Getting Rid of Greasy Stains

Greasy stains are hard to remove and it takes effort to get rid of them. One solution is to make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply it to the stained area and leave it for two minutes. Scrub off the remaining particles and see if the stain is gone.
Another solution is to wipe the stain off with a combination of vinegar and water. Apply this to the stained area and leave for two minutes. Scrub it off with a sponge.

Move Out Cleaning


Cleaning the walls thoroughly is essential in move-out cleaning. If you return a dirty rental property to the landlord, you may risk your bond money. To hire the best cleaners, visit Urban Care. It can connect you with the best professionals for your bond cleaning.

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