The Ultimate Clean Bedroom Checklist

Cleaning can seem overwhelming when you’re short on time, and your house is a hot mess. But a clean bedroom is a must! Fortunately, a house cleaning checklist can help! Occasionally, when you’re overwhelmed with tasks that need to be completed, it’s best to write them down so that you can check them off as you complete them.

Cleaning your bedroom is the same. This clean bedroom checklist can help you whether you’re cleaning a guest room or your main bedroom!

bedroom cleaning

Clean Bedroom Deep House Cleaning Checklist

To deep clean any room in your house, you can easily become overwhelmed. Despite this, because you probably spend a third of your life in your bedroom, that room can be especially challenging to deep clean because of how much use it gets (and how many clothes you probably have in there!).

You can use this detailed bedroom + house cleaning checklist as a guide! Organize anything that is obviously out of place, like dirty clothes on the floor or trash on the nightstand, and then proceed to the rest of the checklist.

You will be able to sleep peacefully once your bedroom is clean. It has been scientifically proven that a clean bedroom improves your sleep!

  • Organize your bedroom

A clean bedroom needs to be straightened up before deep cleaning. Before getting to the “detail cleaning”, you should address the big issues that need to be addressed.

To “straighten up” your bedroom, here are some suggestions:

  • Dirty clothes should be put in the hamper.
  • Clean clothes should be folded and stored.
  • Shoes and accessories should be put away.
  • Clear tops of dressers and nightstands
  • Dispose of other out-of-place items.
  • Empty trash cans
  • Your bedroom should LOOK clean after you’ve completed this step, which means there shouldn’t be anything glaringly obvious that must be put away.
  • Declutter

A clean bedroom can appear messy with additional clutter, so decluttering is vital in cleaning.

Even if you deep clean your bedroom, you don’t want it to look like a hot mess because you have too many clothes or books on your nightstand.

Decluttering your bedroom may require you to do the following:

  • No longer needed chargers for old electronics
  • No longer needed remote controls for electronics
  • Dead batteries
  • A pile of random papers on your nightstand
  • Throw pillows that are worn out and no longer in use
  • Random items under your bed
  • Fresh bedding and other linens

To thoroughly have a clean bedroom, you must get rid of the clutter first. When I clean a room, I like to wash the linens first because I can let the washer and dryer run while I clean the rest.

Below are some helpful tips for cleaning bedding and other linens in your bedroom:

  • Start by washing the sheets and pillowcases.

First, remove your bedsheets and pillowcases and throw them in the washer to be washed while the rest of your bedroom is cleaned. It would be better to wash the sheets first because they will need to return to the bed.

  • Wash the comforter or duvet cover.

You can wash a fluffy comforter by hand in the bathtub if it doesn’t fit in your washing machine. Before switching to a duvet cover because it was easier to clean, we used to wash our comforter in the tub ALL THE TIME.

  • Clean your mattress

It makes sense to clean the mattress at the same time as your bedding is being washed. From vacuuming to deodorizing to removing stains, here’s an awesome guide on how to clean a mattress. Flip or rotate your mattress after you have cleaned it.

  • Make sure the bedroom furniture, walls, and fixtures are clean.

Furniture should be dusted and polished. Then it’s time to break out the dust rag after you’ve cleaned your bedding, mattress, and linens! Dust any picture frames, lamps, or knick-knacks on your furniture. Don’t just clean the tops of your dresser or nightstand; clean the front, sides, handles, or pulls.

bedroom cleaning

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