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What You Can Expect From Your Babysitter

Ideal babysitters know how to tender to your child’s needs and look after them. You can expect your babysitter to entertain your child and give them the love and care they need while you’re away from home. 

8 Things You Can Expect From Your Babysitter

But let’s all be real. There’s no perfect babysitter. They are not robots programmed to instantly know everything around your house. So what can you expect from your Auckland babysitters? Here are some of them. 

Here’s What Your Babysitter Knows

  1. How to Follow Your Checklist
  2. How to Care For Your Child
  3. The Basics of Babysitting
  4. How to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away
  5. Who to Contact in Case of Emergencies

How to Follow Your Checklist

Professional babysitters are natural when it comes to following directions. Of course, they want everything to go as planned by the parents, so they strictly follow the checklists given to them. Don’t hesitate to give your babysitter a list of things to do for your child. 

Avoid giving verbal instructions. While the best babysitters are highly skilled in caring, a checklist should guide them and enable them to deliver you the best service tailored to your child’s needs. Leave a note on the fridge or give the babysitter a list through text or email. 

How to Care For Your Child

Another thing you must expect from booking a babysitter with referral agencies is that they have attended to the needs of many clients. They know that not all children are the same. Some dislike babysitters at home and would do everything to disobey household rules. Others are not comfortable with strangers. And many other things that might make your child difficult to care for. 

With that, make sure to give some mommy tips to your babysitter. Like, how your child wants their sandwich made. What kind of games entertains them? When do they need to drink bottled milk? 

The Basics of Babysitting

The most basic aspect of babysitting is knowing the basics of child care. Here are some of the things that professional babysitters can do:

  • Supervising child’s activities
  • Monitoring their safety, especially outdoors
  • Preparing meals and snacks
  • Helping kids maintain bathroom hygiene
  • Changing diapers of infants and toddlers
  • Organizing age-appropriate activities and playtime

Aside from those basics, you can find babysitters knowledgeable about first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or automatic externalized defibrillator (AED). The babysitter you will book must know how to do basic medication. Putting on bandages, cleaning wounds, and calling emergency hotlines are also necessary to ensure your child’s safety in the nanny’s hands. 

How to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

As we have mentioned, professional babysitters know local emergency contacts and procedures to take in case of an unforeseen event. Include a list of every number your babysitter might need to use in the checklist. And as you do so, you can have the peace of mind that your babysitter knows how to deal with emergencies. 

Pro tip: The list of phone numbers should include work and cell phones for parents and other trusted adults nearby. Your neighbors’ numbers are also a big help as they are the nearest to your home. Have the address of your home written down in case there is a need to call an ambulance or fire rescue. Put all this info on the same cheat sheet where you write your babysitter’s house rules and checklists

Who to Contact in Case of Emergencies

Avoid hiring a babysitter that you discovered near your neighborhood. Instead, hire a babysitter who knows which emergency contact to call. In the case of life and death or threatening situations, many people experience a state of shock that slows down their brain processing. Trained babysitters are alert at all times. With this, they can sense danger and call the right people before anything wrong happens. 

Here is What Your Babysitter Doesn’t Know

  1. How to Make Your Child’s Favorite Sandwich
  2. How to Use Your Home Appliance
  3. Your Child’s Likes and Dislikes

How to Make Your Child’s Favorite Sandwich

Babysitters take care of different children. And one child is different from another. You don’t want your babysitter making five sandwiches only to find out your child wants cereals instead. To avoid that, make sure to create a menu. A simple one would include your child’s favorite snacks, meals, and drinks. 

How to Use Your Home Appliance

Just like children, appliances are not the same appliances. Save your babysitter from paying you the expense of breaking an oven by walking them through your home. Teach them how to use the necessary home appliances and where to find equipment and tools such as scissors. 

Your Child’s Likes and Dislikes

Babysitters are highly skilled in pleasing children, toddlers, and infants. But some children are unique and can be pretty naughty. With that, do your part by letting your babysitter know how to handle your child.


Wrapping up!

Now you know what you can expect your babysitter to know and others they need to learn to deliver the best babysitting services they can offer you, it is time to shop for a reliable referral agency. You may also add cleaning services or aged care if needed when you contact the company or the agent during the transaction. 

If you are ready to book your first appointment for babysitting Christchurch service, check out our service. You can also talk to an expert at to learn more about babysitting.

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