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How a Cleaning Service Made Difference For a Single Mum of Three

Being a single mum of three, my resolution is to organize my time better every year. And manage my schedule focusing on things that are demanding more and more of my attention every day. I am working meeting deadlines, have lots of work pressure, even on weekends making a call to get more business from clients.

Cleaning Service

The Struggle of a single mum

As a single mum, I rely on me to undertake multiple tasks nearly every single day. Anyone can figure it how hard it is on my part to maintain balance with household, business, and a family with three kids.

To be honest, dealing with lots of things at one time like Cleaning, cooking, washing, business, kids homework, shopping, their outdoor playtime is nearly exhausting and extremely stressful. But instead of asking for help, I just need to do it all by myself. I get super stress some time but we have to wipe out all our needs and ME TIME to complete this challenging task every single day.  I know this is stressful, which, in all honesty, leaves us no good to anyone, especially our families. The greatest challenge is channelizing communication when to ask for help and handle it on our own. Right now, am at a spot to figure out a brilliant and cheap idea on how I am going to take the pressure off, gain back some time, and at least few minutes to think about myself.

Managing expectations considering our family values

Look, I’m not a clean freak or obsessed to do things on my own. My kids do help me somehow to clean their own mess. From time to time we discuss our requirements, how to manage, and our expectations considering our family values. We all have assigned an area of the house they are responsible for and duties to keep things clean, neat, and orderly. Honestly, house cleaning is a lot quicker and easier when there’s less clutter to pick up in the first place. Despite my best efforts and management random stuff, shoes, socks, jackets, pillows, puzzles, crayons, and toys end up strewn across my house, which freaks me out at the end of the day.

I am not having OCD, but walking into a clean and clutter-free home is something that relaxes me after having a long day at work. With the whole family taking care of the clutter part, I was able to take care of the clean part with Urban care.

How a Cleaning Service Made Difference For a Single Mum of Three

Here’s how the difference has been made

My friend referred me to a professional cleaning service at Urban care. I totally fall in love with their service, quick booking process, having a secure payment plan, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. There are a lot more reasons that booked with them again and again.

They made my life more organized; I’m able to spend more time with kids, helping them with their homework, playtime, and more career-focused now. Urban care is a no-brainer for me when it came to outsourcing home cleaning or cleaning services. Now I don’t need to get up early morning to clean all the mess or give instructions to my kids to do this and don’t do that. Just a simple thing I need to do book an urban care service to have a spotless, shiny home. Urban care is a very affordable and secure cleaning service to trust fully when it about family.

It’s time to have lots of time!

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