Spring Cleaning

Step-By-Step Spring and Deep Cleaning Checklist

It’s that time of the year again. People start to cheerily open their windows, children frequently spend more time outdoors, and as less exciting as it may seem—at last, it’s high time for those who are left at home (say aye!) to dash to the cleaning cabinet and begin every home’s most-awaited spring cleaning!

But often, most folks get discouraged from starting their spring cleaning agenda because there are so many things to accomplish that they get overwhelmed and flooded, and second, they have no idea where to begin.

Use this helpful and effective spring cleaning checklist we’ve collected to make your haven neat and spotless!

Spring Cleaning


  • Start in the Bedrooms

Yup, you read that right. Your bedroom may be your sanctuary, and you think you’ve been protecting it from the grit and grime of the world, but that’s where you’re wrong. Your bedroom is full of nasty things because of dust mites and the accidental dirt you bring from the outside.

Remove your bedsheets, pillowcases, and blankets, and toss them into the laundry bin for deep washing. Remember that you are encouraged to change your sheets every 2 weeks! Check your cabinets, look under your bed, and purge everything stored there, keeping only those values. Before leaving, ensure that curtains, blinds, and all furniture are dusted and disinfected thoroughly.

Some of the areas and items you must focus on are carpets, window frames, sills, skirting boards, floors, and walls. Make sure you also get the dust using a clean feather duster. Finally, dust the walls and every surface first before sweeping the flooring.

  • Move Your Way to the Living Room

Oh, the common area, where the party always begins.

For sure, there are many areas in your living room that you’ve most likely been neglecting—mirrors, frames, lamps, and other home ornaments. These may be decorations to spruce up your place, but they also accumulate dirt and bacteria.

Always guarantee that they are cleaned and polished from top to bottom. Of course, never forget the obvious—to vacuum and shampoo your sofas and carpets.

Like the bedroom, ensure you perform dusting tasks first before sweeping the floor or vacuuming the carpet. If you sweep the floor first and then dust later, the particles will land on the ground. That doubles your efforts.

  • Where Good Food is Created, the Kitchen

As a hub for cooking activities, kitchens are highly prone to grease, dirt, and debris build-up. This frequently happens because of food spills, residues, rotten goods, and oil splatters left for a long period.

Start by decluttering all your counters and cabinets for items you haven’t used in a long time—pots, pans, plates, etc.—and put them in a separate box for selling or donating. Hop over to the fridge and sanitize each shelf and store, in and out, ensuring all unused food items are tossed in the bin. Sanitation also applies to your sink, oven, stove, and the rest of your appliances in the kitchen.

Every appliance should be given attention. From your oven on the floor to range hoods hung up, dust and wipe those pieces first before sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.

  • Clean Where You Clean Yourself

Yes, we are about the bathroom. The place where you wash away all the dirt from yesterday deserves some spring cleaning too!

The bathroom may be the smallest room in your household, but the number of bacteria and viruses found here is large. Clean and disinfect your bathtub, shower, toilet bowls, and sink, and wash and replace your liners and curtains.

Cleaning the bathroom can be tricky and requires much effort and time. It might be the smallest area in the house, but it is the dirtiest place. You can start by gathering your cleaning tools so you do not have to run to the kitchen to grab a sponge. Ensure that once you clean it, you leave the bathroom clean. You do not want to bring the dirt outside.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning for Better Living!

Every nook and cranny in the house has dirty little secrets, and it only takes your brave hands to bust them! Spring cleaning can be tiring and time-consuming, but nothing feels more satisfying than coming home to a clean and more livable space.

Go beyond your usual house cleaning routine and spare a weekend or two to complete our tried-and-tested spring cleaning checklist. Do it step by step, room by room, and witness how spring cleaning or a simple decluttering can breathe new life and lively energy into your haven—your home!

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