Magic Eraser

Why do they call it Magic Eraser?

Doubting the small foam’s composition, we wonder if the sponge alone can remove the stain or if the Magic Eraser is needed. Is it true magic erasers do miracles on kitchen shelves? How can that be? Dive deep in to blog to find the truth. 

Magic Erasers Are Suitable for Deep Cleaning

Magic Erasers are ideal for stovetops. I use stainless steel or steel, although I normally wash with creme cleansers first or with an Eraser, followed by a spray and wipe. Erasers do an excellent job of removing filth without causing damage. When cleaning stainless steel, always use a non-scratch scourer. Stovetop – scratch the surface of the glass and oven using a razor first, then use an eraser to remove stubborn spots. Erasers are fantastic for eliminating oil and spills, but be sure to clean again after as we use them to help lift the filth before cleaning.

Magic Eraser

What is This Magic Eraser Sponge Made Of?

Melamine foam is a foamy-like material made of formaldehyde, melamine, and sodium bisulphite copolymer. Several firms worldwide produce the foam, most notably Germany-based BASF with the brand name Basotect. It comes in white. You can find it for $2 in stores that sell cleaning products. 

Can It Work On the Stubborn Dirt?

Magic Erasers are extremely effective on a variety of surfaces, such

  • walls,
  • ceiling vents,
  • baseboards,
  • blinds,
  • bathtubs.

The Magic Eraser is an amazing performer for crayons and marker stains on walls. Before using Magic Erasers in public, they should always be tried in a discreet location. Dirt, stains, and soapy residue that would have required cleaning and perhaps repainting were removed in only a few strokes of the eraser throughout our cleans.

Whiteware Devices

Magic erasers on refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave, and they look brand new when finished. Make mindful use of the eraser first, followed by a spray and clean, as it may leave remnants when dry.

Keyboards and Computers

We’ve all seen our filthy white keyboards that have become yellow(ish), and cleaning the keys without damaging them is impossible. Magic erasers are gentle and readily remove all filth. Simply moisten the eraser, but do not soak it, and wipe it away.

Advantages of Magic Erasers

Magic Eraser is effective on difficult dirt, such as ink and crayons. Applying water stimulates the surface of the sponge’s microscopic filaments, preparing them to wipe away filth. The Magic Eraser sponge can be reused numerous times. However, it will start to wear down and disintegrate after continuous use.  

Disadvantage of Magic Erasers

Since the eraser performs by scouring the surface with small but extremely strong threads, you should avoid using it on excessively shiny or satin finishes. Magic Eraser cannot be suitable for panelling or wood-finished surfaces. It will wear down the surface and cause damage. After several uses, the Magic Eraser sponge begins to break down.

Magic Eraser

Other Magics That Magic Eraser Does are listed below:

Orange Rings on Plastics Serves– when there is a pasta sauce or oil ring spot in a plastic bowl, it might be tough to remove. Using a Magic Eraser to scrub the ring may be effective. The microscopic fibres can get into small spots and remove the orange stain.

Nail Polish – Magic Erasers can be quite effective at removing up nail polish messes; however, remember you are testing the eraser in an obscure spot to ensure that you won’t harm the surface you are cleaning.


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