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5 Easy Hacks to Clean Burnt Saucepan – Make Pots and Pans look new

Cooking can be a lot of fun, but the burnt saucepan is not.

It is hard to clean burnt saucepan, especially when you cook something with sticky sauce and get distracted by your ringing phone or kids horsing around the house. When you are faced with burnt bottoms and thick grease, you will need some help.

Luckily, your house cleaning experts are generous to share their techniques on how to clean burnt pans. These tricks are guaranteed to do away with elbow grease, plus all the items you need are right there on your cupboard.

You can get more hacks on domestic cleaning in Auckland at our cleaning hub. But for now, let us stick with the pans.

Without further ado, here are five easy peasy ways to clean pots and pans.

#1. Use a dishwashing liquid or tablet

This is a no-brainer. But you have to be careful with the kind of dishwashing detergent or tablet you use. Some of the brands you can use include Finish All-in-One or Cascade Dishwashing Detergent. According to house cleaning professionals, the washing agent should contain biological enzymes that can loosen the food stains on your pans.

Fill the pan with water and add the dishwashing agent. Put it on the stove and wait for the water to boil. This takes about 10 minutes. Pour the hot water and wait for the pan to cool. Clean it gently with a scrubbing pad until the stains are removed and rinse.

#2. Use Baking Soda

Another pantry product that is useful in domestic cleaning in Auckland is baking soda. It works on burnt pans too.
Put enough water in the pan and add two spoonfuls of baking soda. Put it to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes. The burnt bits will easily come off with a few gentle strokes.

If you don’t want to boil the pan, there is another way. Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply it to the burnt area and leave overnight. Wash it the next day with a dishwashing agent and hot water.

#3. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

Your frequent go-to combination when as a house cleaning hack, the baking soda and vinegar duo is also effective for burnt pans.

Add some water, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan, and one cup of white vinegar. Bring it to a boil and remove it from the fire. Add two spoonfuls of baking soda and dissolve in the mixture. Wait to see it fizzle, then leave for ten minutes.

Remove the contents and gently scrub the pan. Rinse, and it’s ready for use.

#4. Cleaning with Salt

Pour a good amount of hot water into your burnt pan. Add three spoons of salt. Dissolve it in the water and let it soak for ten minutes. Boil the pan with the mixture for another 15 minutes. If there is some residue left on the pan, leave about half an inch of the liquid and add more salt. Gently scrub the pan and rinse.

#5 Use cola to remove the encrusted stain

Pour about two cans of cola into the burnt pan and leave it for a few hours. Loosen the encrusted stains with a scrubber. Rinse and wash it in hot water and dishwashing liquid.

There you have it. A few house cleaning hacks to Clean Burnt Saucepan and deal with the dreaded burnt pans. Try using one of our recommendations above and find out yourself how effective they are. Let us know by commenting on this blog post. Share this article with your friends and relatives to help them also solve this problematic kitchen problem.

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