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Carpet Cleaning : Essential Tips on How to Clean Your Carpets and Rugs

Got excess carpets and rugs and want to store them? Like you, many homeowners have accumulated several carpets over the years. It can be a mix of the ones they purchased and the heirlooms handed down from one generation to another in the family. Carpet cleaning can be difficult with these purchased and heirloom carpets and rugs.

You can also have extra carpets when your living situation changes or you have inherited an additional rug. Whatever the reason is, you will not have the space to keep them all. Consider having these rugs stored until you can use them.

Before storing your valuable rugs, it needs a good cleaning. You can call a company that offers carpet cleaning in Auckland or do it yourself.

You should not just roll them and toss them in your basement. It may harbor dirt, unseen pests, and pet dander that could risk your and your family’s health.

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We recommend professional carpet cleaning for larger rugs, as it can be a long and grueling process if you do them yourself. Here is how to clean and store your rugs and carpets properly.

Clean Before You Store

Carpet cleaning is undoubtedly the most important part of storing your area rugs and carpets. The dirt in your carpet is a hotbed for molds, insects, and even vermin. You should note that there is no single carpet cleaning method in Auckland. Know how to clean each type of rug before proceeding.

It is better to have them professionally cleaned. If you want to do it yourself, choose a spot outside where it is clean and dry. Also, you need to start early to have time to dry it.

Clean both sides of the carpet. Laying it on a mesh will keep the carpet elevated and easy to clean. It will also prevent the dirt from going to the cleaned side when you flip the carpet. Vacuum both sides of the carpet thoroughly.

The next step is to wash the carpet with shampoo and use a soft brush. Experts in carpet cleaning in Auckland recommend hand washing for valuable carpets.

After washing the carpet, remove the excess water using a wet and dry vacuum. Remove as much moisture as you can from the fibers. Let it dry thoroughly by hanging the carpet over chairs to circulate the air on both sides.

For more tips, read this article about 5 effective ways to get rid of molds.

Protect the Carpet from Pests

Two pests could damage carpets made from natural fibers: moths and carpet beetles. We recommend this natural pest repellent to prevent them from inhabiting your carpet.

Spray the rugs with a solution of one part white vinegar and three parts water. They are more suitable for old rugs and carpets than commercially bought options. Again, you must ensure your carpet is thoroughly dry before going to the next step.

Roll the Carpet and Wrap

You should not store the carpet on the floor of your basement or storage facility as it is. The best way to store carpets and rugs is by rolling them. Start from the bottom to the top with the backside in. It will prevent much stress on the carpet’s structure.

Once the carpet is rolled up, wrap it in brown paper and secure it with tape. Now you can put the rug in storage. It would be perfect for storing the rolled carpet horizontally and on top of other furniture. It will protect it from water damage and pest infestation.

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Storing your carpets and rugs needs a bit of effort. If you can’t handle carpet cleaning in Auckland yourself, contact Urban Care. They have professional carpet cleaners on the list, ready to do them for you.

When you are preparing the carpet for storage yourself, follow these instructions. It will help ensure that your rugs and carpets will be preserved and look new when you take them out.

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