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5 House Cleaning Tips We Should Be Thankful for in 2020

In the spirit of thanksgiving and expressing gratitude during the holiday season, check out a compilation of cleaning tips and guides we are thankful for this year. We have been sharing tips and will continue to do so to help you get through the worse, stubborn stains in your home. 

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The Miracle of Baking Soda

We’ve seen it all and probably tried it at home. Baking soda has cleansing properties that can be used in household cleaning much more than we have expressed in previous articles. For years, homeowners in New Zealand have been using the ingredient in every way to clean certain areas in their houses. With further research, you can perfectly utilize baking soda in your cupboard. 

To remind you, take a look at this short list of areas of the house you can clean with baking soda:

  • Kitchen counters, steel appliance surfaces
  • Toilet bowl, sink, steel framings 
  • Bathroom and kitchen walls
  • Clean and freshen up upholstery
  • Garage grease stains

Sterilizing Home to Combat COVID-19

The most important home cleaning guide is sterilizing to combat the spread of viruses inside homes. Regardless of whether safety procedures and guidelines are posted during the early days of the virus spread, cleaning habits should remain the same and all the more to continuously prevent the coronavirus to thrive.

To continue down this path of taking precautions that keep viruses at bay, here are a few things you should be doing:

Holiday Cleaning

For cleaning your home in preparation for the festive season, our holiday cleaning guide can help you in many unimaginable ways. But the truth is, we often get caught up with jobs and other responsibilities as parents or as daughters. This just takes the fun out of the Holiday season. This year is no different than any other year. 

Cleaning Neglected Areas in the House

We don’t only pertain to the items you visibly see inside the house but every item out of sight. We’re all guilty of neglecting those places that accumulate dust and dirt, but no one sees them like the dirt and dust under the couch or big appliances. 

Places that are hard to reach must be cleaned routinely to maintain cleanliness inside our homes. Here are some of the commonly neglected areas/surfaces from the guide that need your attention when cleaning:

  • Cabinet tops and surfaces
  • Window tracks and bathroom mirrors
  • Ceiling fans, light fixtures, and switches
  • Behind the toilet and the mirrored cabinet
  • Dishwasher filter and the underneath sink

Sanitizing Kids’ Toys 

You might know the correct cleaning methods required to sterilize kids’ toys, but do you clearly know the reason behind it? Without the right information, you put the safety of your kids falling sick due to improper cleaning due to lack of knowledge. We have said it before and can’t reiterate it more: using non-toxic cleaning agents is necessary when cleaning your kids’ toys to prevent them from inhaling or eating harmful substances.

House Cleaning

Key Takeaway

If your 2020 new year’s resolution is learning new and practical cleaning methods, then hang out for more tips from our very own Urban Care cleaners, who have been sharing many amazing house cleaning tips and guides with our readers in a bid to help them maintain the home to feel like home. 

From cleaning those commonly overlooked places to disinfecting your home during COVID-19, we are here to do the exceptional for you. With the right tools and knowledge, our cleaners can leave your home bespoke and ready for the holiday season!

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