House Cleaning

Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Disabled Individuals

Keeping our home neat, tidy, and sanitized does not have an end; hence, the cleaning solutions. House cleaning is difficult for a capable person, more so for a disabled person; it will be very difficult for them to keep up with the dust buildup. Here are a few things, tips, and hacks to consider while doing some home cleaning and disability limitations that will not be noticeable.

House Cleaning

Cleaning Solutions For A Faster and Easier Way Of Cleaning

Tip #1: Dusting

Now and then, we need to wipe the dust from every nook and cranny to avoid dust from building up. It is easier to clean using a duster with an extendable handle to prevent you from stretching too much or reaching for the corners that will cause you body pain. If you do not like buying a duster with an extendable handle, you can create one yourself at home by attaching your duster to a wrapping paper roll for the handle extension.

Tip #2: Use a Mat

Our shoes are one of the reasons why dirt enters our homes. Use a mat inside and outside your home to lessen the dirt particles. The outside mat will filter some of the dirt from your shoes, and the inside mat will remove the remaining grime. As a result, it will lessen the dirt buildup in some places in our homes.

Tip #3: Vacuuming

Dragging and pushing around a heavy vacuum will be very difficult for a person suffering from chronic pain or a disability. Considering buying a vacuum that weighs lighter than usual will be very convenient. 

Make sure to clean the hallways and each room’s floors to prevent dirt from building up. Do not forget to run a vacuum over your mat inside and outside your home; it will be full of dirt as its main purpose is to filter them.

Tip #4: Cleaning the Dishes

After eating, we sometimes feel too lazy to wash our plates immediately, which as a result, will make the rice harden. This causes the sauce to stain and is very difficult to remove. Before leaving your plates in your sink, always make it a habit of soaking them in faucet water or hot rinsing it after using it to soften the rice and sauce stain to make it easier to wash once you have the willpower to do this chore.

Tip #5: Using the Dishwasher

As we all know, the dishwasher is used for washing our dishes; little do we know that this is a multipurpose washer. We can also use the dishwasher to clean some of our plastic things, such as ziplock bags, bathroom wastebaskets, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, sponges, dish brushes, and other bathroom items.

Always run a full clean of the dishwasher before using it again on your dishes.

Tip #6: Use Baking Soda

While washing your clothes, pour a cup of baking soda to make them look brighter and cleaner. You would not need to scrub the stain off your cloth before putting them in the washer.

House Cleaning

Wrapping up!

It is always important not to overdo yourself. Doing too many chores will tire you out and make it not enjoyable. Make sure to schedule your chores on different days to also have time for yourself to enjoy. These tips on home cleaning and disability limitations will maximize your time and physical strength and make your life easier. Or, you can get professional cleaning services to do the job for you! 

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