Housekeeping Tips and Tricks You can Steal from Hotel Maids

Tips and Tricks from Hotel Housekeeping Experts

Do you want to experience the white-glove treatment you get from hotels? Well, you better read this blog. 

Hotels are known for creating the perfect experience for their guests. And that includes making sure that their hotel housekeeping is top-notch. Getting a one-star for not being clean is bad for their reputation. So, they ensure effective housekeeping that goes above and beyond commercial cleaning.

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You can achieve five-star cleaning in your home too. Follow these housekeeping tips and tricks from hotel maids that you can use.  

Tip #1. If possible, open all the windows

Take a few minutes to open all the windows or shade in each room before you start cleaning. It will allow airflow and natural light into the room, which will be helpful while you clean. Aside from the natural illumination to let you see what needs to be cleaned, opening the windows will provide proper ventilation. You need them, especially when using cleaning chemicals.

Tip #2. Remove all the clutter

Professionals in hotel housekeeping swear by this tip. When you remove all the clutter, you are creating a blank slate. It makes it easier to clean the space. Removing the clutter means removing all the towels, linens, shampoos, shower items, and everything else lying around. 

You will not be tempted to wipe and replace these items without any of them. It often leads to the formation of ring marks on the countertops.

Tip #3. Clean all the bedrooms first

Before cleaning the other rooms, clean all the bedrooms first. It will prevent the transfer of bacteria and germs, especially from the bathrooms. It promotes better cleanliness and sanitation.

Tip #4. Dust drapes between cleaning

The dust particles can disperse around the room and cling to your drapes while cleaning. Therefore, give it a good beating using a hand towel. This hack is perfect because the towel can make a good whack without straining your arm. Another alternative is using your vacuum cleaner. Or better yet, knock all the dust into the floor with the towel and then vacuum.

Tip #5. Use microfiber cloths as cleaners

Microfiber is the best cleaning rag because they are efficient in dusting. You can use an old T-shirt if you don’t have microfiber rags. Make sure that it is 100% cotton. Also, slightly dampen it to prevent the dust from escaping. Avoid polyester or terry cloth materials. 

Tip #6. Do the bathrooms last

To avoid cross-contamination, always clean the bathroom last. It will help you minimize the transfer of bacteria.

Tip #7. Sweep or vacuum before mopping

Professional house cleaners always put mopping as the last task. And not before sweeping or vacuuming the area. This ensures that all the dust and dirt are removed from the floor before it gets wet. Hairs are a major headache when cleaning the floors. Remove them first before wetting the floor.

Tip #8. Let the cleaning products do their work

You can avoid elbow grease by letting the cleaning products do their work. While waiting, spend your spare time cleaning the room’s walls, windows, and other things. Then, you can go back to it and continue the task.

Tip #9. Keep a toothbrush handy

You need to clean the nooks and crannies in the house. Use a small toothbrush to clean them. It can clean faster and better too.

Tip #10. Keep all the cleaning tools and supplies in a cart

Notice the nifty cleaning cart that hotel housekeeping used? Create your version by filling a bucket with all your cleaning tools and supplies. A caddy will keep everything handy and save you time to complete the tasks. Plus, it is easy to store too. 

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Final Thoughts

Homeowners want to have a clean house like a hotel. However, it is sometimes hard to achieve when you are busy every day. They can call professionals for commercial cleaning services. Visit Urban Care to hire the best cleaners in town. 

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