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Top 4 Cleaning Hacks for Disabled People

Having difficulty performing home cleaning due to disability limitations?

You are not alone. Whether going through a temporary disability or living with a permanent disability, you share the same sentiments with plenty of our customers at Urban Care.

That is why we provide effective and foolproof tips besides offering our cleaning services in Auckland and referring excellent social workers for all Kiwi residents! Read through to learn more about the cleaning hacks you can do.

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Hack #1: Lightweight vacuums over high-power vacuums

No matter your disability, carrying heavy high-power vacuums around can be troublesome.

To avoid unnecessary accidents, get yourself a lightweight vacuum that is easy to use, does not occupy a lot of storage, and is easy to carry around the house.

Vacuuming is manual work. Make it easier for you with a lightweight vacuum.

A lightweight vacuum may not be as efficient as a heavy, high-power vacuum. Yes, that is correct, but you must prioritise your safety. Having an injury on top of your disability can make things worse for you.

Suppose you feel that vacuuming is still too intense for you. Clean areas in your home day by day. Take it easy and slowly.

Hack #2: Search for dusters with extendable handle

Nothing is more frustrating than being unable to reach nooks and crannies when dusting.

We always advise our customers to keep an extendable handle near or near them. For days that you feel the need to dust your home, you will no longer feel incapacitated because there are tools that will make your life easy.

While dusters come with extendable hands today, the length is limited, and their capacity is steady when reaching high places. Suppose you can’t reach them, know who to call. Referral and cleaning agencies can provide you with efficient service for the time you need it the most.

Hack #3: Leave it to cleaning agents and products

Any cleaning product you leave on for more than 5 minutes perfectly does the job for you.

Dishes? Hot soak it for 10 minutes; all you have to do is rinse and dry them!

Dirty stove? Squeeze lemon, add baking soda on top, leave for 15 minutes, then wipe with a clean, washable cloth. No more scrubbing. No more repeat soaking process. Just a clean stove.

If you have trouble creating homemade products, go for organic ones in the store. Many local shops across New Zealand today sell locally made organic cleaning products that can benefit your home and the environment.

Hack #4: Have a cleaning schedule

Reduce the workload for yourself by creating a weekly schedule.

Make sure that when you do so, clean from top to bottom. You start with your rooms and then down to the first floor of your home. If you live in an apartment or a bungalow-home style, you must also begin cleaning your rooms which leads to the living room.

Why such a process? Because you do not want to bring back the dirt to clean up rooms.

Pro-tip: Clean rooms from ceiling to ground to ensure all specks of dust fall to the ground, which makes vacuuming easier!


Wrapping up!

While hacks can be helpful and good to know, house cleaning for those with disability limitations can still be dreadful. This is why Urban Care is here to lend a helping hand by offering affordable and impeccable cleaning services. Check out our services and see what fits you best.

Do you have other household tips that we’ve left out? Drop them in the comments below! We would love to add them here to ensure everyone is well-informed and greatly helped.

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